Performance in the Pack - Team Brilliance in Baboon Business

Tough times don't last, but tough troops do!!

In Douw's presentation “Performance in the Pack”, the fascinating world of a baboon troop reveals immensely valuable lessons on “corporate cleverness”. This is a powerful presentation with superb visuals which motivates teams, inspires teamwork and improves performance. It gives a unique perspective on world class performance through the eyes of nature while sharing respected business principles from books like “Good to Great” and “Shackleton’s Way.”

The following important Team issues are addressed:

  • Stimulating world class performance
  • Strengthening teamwork
  • POMO Peace Of Mind Objectives
  • Sticking together in crisès
  • Resolving conflict
  • Discipline is part of success
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Perseverance, Hard work, Discipline
  • Hardship breeds hardiness
  • Ordinary teams can do the extraordinary!
  • Passion - your strongest motivation
  • Team structure and strategy
  • Sharing responsibilities and roles
  • Reinforcing relationships
  • Create and keep the champions
  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Forming partnerships and alliances
  • Exploring & exploiting opportunities
  • Earn your membership every day
  • Outperforming the competition
Benefits of this motivational presentation:

This highly enlightening, inspiring presentation presented with enthusiasm, passion and humour provides powerful tools to recommit, recharge and revitalise your team. It is more than entertainment, it is a long term investment!

Douw has taken his unconventional approach around the world and inspired the audience with an array of talks.

Total - France     Kristiansand - Norway AlliedPanels - Austria
Forever Living Products international Survivorman - Kalahari Bidvest - South Africa
CIM - Mozambique Exxaro - Inyanda Ross Asia - Japan

SUMMIT SUCCESS – Lessons from Kilimanjaro

In this inspiring presentation, “Summit Success”, Douw shares his fantastic experience on Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

This enlightening presentation with spectacular visuals reveals very valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership and how to attain the summits of life successfully.

A unique set of Summit Success keys are shared, based on his own experience and the experiences of Eric Alexander, mountaineer and author of the brilliant book “The Summit”.                                      

The following important Team issues are addressed :

  • The Summit Team – “We need each other by design”
  • The Summit Spirit – “Success is doing what is best for everyone else”
  • The Summit Approach – “I have to cross the valleys on the way to the mountaintops”
  • Summit Preparation – “Attitude determines altitude”
  • Summit Tools – “It pays to get down to base camp”
  • Summit Choices – “That was my summit … I did what was right!”
  • Summit Pace – “Polè, Polè … one step at a time”
  • Summit Values – “Saving a life, can be the summit”
  • Summit Character  – “The summit is not meant to teach us something, it is meant to make us something!”



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