Its not always about the hard work we put in as a team and its not even about the games we get to play in a friendly competition it is also about the beauty of nature and the time we spend relaxing together that makes us stronger as a unit.

Tropical Dream Desert Adventure
(Mozambique) Huge coastal dunes, endless sunbleached beaches, thousands of coconut trees and beautiful sunrises set the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing breakaway. The tropical coast of Mozambique is excellent for swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, fishing, whale - and whaleshark safari' s or just to relax! (Namibia) Exploring a sea of sand in the oldest desert on earth - the Namib, with Quadbikes and 4x4’s. Dune boarding down the slopes of the highest dunes in the world and cruising with boats amongst seals and dolphins on the Walvis Bay lagoon... is part of this unforgettable Team experience!!

Bushveld Experience

Survival Training

(South Africa) An exciting combination of the "new" and the "old", including activities like charter flights & balloon flights, donkey-cart rides & elephant rides, massages & wine-stomping ... and even goat-milking! A time to relax, to recharge and to have FUN!!

Master the survival skills like building of shelters, navigation, tracking, rope-making, fire-making etc, whilst sharing a unique environment with the big five! Combine this knowledge and skills as a Team to reach the top of a mountain-peak, within 3-5 days – your only chance to be rescued by a helicopter! Basic and advanced courses to choose from.

Helicopter Flights

Balloon Flights

Spoil yourselves to a once in a lifetime occasion! Take a short scenic flight to the top of a mountain and enjoy a picnic or sit-down meal with a breath-taking view, fresh air and the peaceful “music” of nature. Just the right way to end your conference with an impressive climax !

(Absolutely wonderful!) Float and glide silently in the crisp, colourful sky at sunrise ... across spectacular mountains, cliffs and streams ...over magnificent bushveld trees and awakening wild animals ... a truly wonderful experience!!


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