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Team building can be seen as a team development intervention aimed to positively affect teamwork, relationships and team spirit in teams to improve effectiveness and performance in the workplace. We provide exciting and fun filled team building programs which are used to address specific issues in groups and which will stimulate and develop various team dynamics, personal skills and team performance. Clients who have participated in our corporate team building programs leave us with a freshly rekindled spirit, great practical value and a need to come back for more!

While fun is an important component of team development, it is not the driving force behind effective team building. A careful balance should be maintained between fun versus value, play versus learning and time versus money. Therefore we believe in the fun with a purpose! Our unique team building activities are not too physical and can be enjoyed by all, provide fun for all and give valuable mind tools to all!

The following quotations define what we believe and what we share:

  • Wearing the same shirts doesn't make a team. (Buchholz and Roth)
  • Teamwork is the secret that makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.
  • Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. (Author unknown)
  • A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. (Japanese proverb)
  • None of us is as smart as all of us together. (Ken Blanchard)
  • The lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone. (Author unknown)
  • If you can laugh together, you can work together. (Robert Orben)
  • A boat doesn't go forward if each one is rowing their own way. (Swahili proverb)
  • Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.(Michael Jordan)
  • T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More! (Author unknown)
  • When there is smoke, there is not fire yet! (Douw Kruger)

Team training and corporate team building have been our passion for the past 20 years. We have shared our team building ideas and unique programs around Pretoria, all over South Africa and even in Namibia and Mozambique. We are looking forward to meeting you and your team!

You can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation! – Plato

See our amazing team building activities below:

Mission Impossible Raft Building Rope Making Challenge
Team AND truck are challenged to cross a dam in only 2 hours - WITHOUT getting wet!! World class activity demonstrating that the impossible is indeed 

Armed with only a minimum of lightweight equipment and an age-old Eskimo principle, the team embarks on a seemingly impossible challenge... AND WINS!!! Their objective is to move the team across a stretch of open water in just two hours... without anyone getting wet!

Bushmen wisdom and skills are used to do the unthinkable! Teams have to pull a small car with a “leaf” (fibres turned into a rope). Brilliant activity to demonstrate potential and Synergy in practical terms!
Birth of Fire Blindfolded Soccer Survivor Games
Teams make fire with fire-making sticks - the bushman way! Fascinating exercise demonstrating that success is always possible, even when only
“primitive” equipment is available!!
“When there is smoke, there is not a fire yet!”
Great team fun! Coaches guide blindfolded players to achieve a common goal. Hilarious
exercise exposing everyone to the player/coach role - valuable lessons learned in communication and coaching!! “The goal is more important than the role!”
Unlocking the team, fishing tactics, puzzle skills are but a few of the
activities in this race which will test teamwork to the max.
Survivor Obstacle Fun Survivor: Plane Crash Trust Lift
A series of small activities like rapid fire, ambush, lift the mine, smoke or flames... are part of the fun which requires team thinking and team co-operation! You have survived an aeroplane crash... and now you have to choose very carefully, navigate effectively and work skillfully to be rescued in time! Enjoy a full day and a half of excitement in how to handle a real life situation! One member at a time has to be elevated from the ground to a horizontal position above the heads of the group. The person should be held there for a few seconds and then lowered carefully to the floor without making any noise. A true euphoria experience for the person in the air!
Spectacular Sunrise Walk Pick a Pot Bush Games Circuit
Team takes a walk or drive to a lookout-point. The sun, the planet and YOU... an inspirational message and unique experience!!
“Everyone has a unique role to play!”
(“potjie” competition with a few surprises!)
Teams prepare dinner and sell their culinary creations to the judges. Fun filled activity with a few surprises will result in a lot of laughter and a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxing atmosphere!
(Bowshooting, hammer/nail, buck bullets etc.)
Test your basic instincts and abilities in various fun filled activities and have loads of fun!! Outdare, outsmart and outperform your competition. “Basic stuff can be fun stuff!”
Exxaro Challenge Broom Hockey Animal Olympics
The crane and bucket - Lift, shift and tip - Conveyer system - Weights and measures - Broken pipeline and water tower are all part of the Exxaro challenge!! To play hockey with hand-made brooms, is great fun!! Those who know to sweep will sweep up a good score.
Teams are challenged to do what the master builders (weaver birds) in nature do without hands, the sharpshooters (archer fish) do without rifles, the tower building champions (termites) do without a leader... and much more!
Farm Games Circuit  Quadbike Gymkhana Sausage & Stokbrood
Challenge your skills with the traditions of yesteryear like wheelbarrow balance, “kleilat”, tyre-roll, yoke-pin / jukskei, broom-balance etc. Great team fun to break down the “cultural” barriers.
“Small challenges are the start of big achievements!”

Minor obsticles, major fun.

Everyone rides a 4 wheeler and scores for the team. Great fun to ride and play at the same time. It’s all about aiming, throwing, balancing
and enjoying while riding a quadbike.

The prize will go to the team with the longest juciest best tasting and most attractive sausage! Follow instructions but work out your own unique recipe to be enjoyed with stokbrood and honey.
Treasure Hunt Cake Factory Drumming & Dancing
(In search of the Papio legend or the Ndebele doll) The challenge is to solve the mysteries, look for the hidden clues and satisfy the Chief, before you can take home your special trophy! You are part of a factory-production-line which decorates cakes! Which team will be the cake decorating kings or queens?? Good giggles! (Rekindling the team spirit with rhythm)
Great fun on a drum for everyone. Get into the beat, keep the rhythm, play
together and enjoy a wonderful performance!!
Boeresport & Games Minute to win it (Indoor  & Outdoor) Archery
A series of activities where you will have tremendous fun with the games played by our Grannies!! These activities include syrup-apple, needle & thread, egg-throw, potato race, carrot race, horse shoe, boere bowls, peel & eat etc. A series of short but exciting games have to be completed within one minute each.
You won’t believe how much fun can be created with basic household items like spoons, bottles, cups, eggs etc.
“To play together is a way to create a basis for working together!”
Delegates are shown how to shoot with a recurve bow. This is followed by an instructional round, practice rounds and one or two competition rounds. It is not so difficult to hit the target, but to hit the balloon is quite a challenge!
Laser - clay shooting Firetalk Pizza on a Fire
Teams are challenged to shoot with infra-red guns (NOT REAL GUNS) and hit as many flying targets as possible. No loud shots, no sore shoulders. Very enjoyable and fun filled activity. Get to know your team on a more personal level in an interesting and funny
way while relaxing around the fire!
We supply the ingredients - you create the master pizzas!
Tracking Guided Walking Trail

SURVIVOR – the GREAT escape! 

Follow the tracks, look for clues and signs and solve the mystery! Great
exercise challenging the observation, interpretation and perception skills of
the team.
“To get the whole story you have to listen to the whole team!”

 Plant identification and survival uses. Animal identification and interesting facts. Insect identification and survival uses. Track / spoor identification and interesting facts. Rope-making demonstration. Fire-making demonstration .

Teams must work together to successfully escape from a “prisoner of war camp”. They have to avoid alarms and traps, cross small obstacles, collect specific tools, unlock gates, eliminate the “guards”, cross a river and unravel a password in order to reach friendly forces on Unimogs who will rescue them. Their successful escape is then celebrated in style with a well deserved surprise somewhere in the African bush!

Bar Games Challenge (indoor fun)

Gumboot Dancing  

Different activities like Darts; jenga tower; donkey derby; sniff & guess and ping-pong blow  are part of the Bar Games Challenge.

This is great fun for everyone!



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